College Counseling

We believe high school is a critical time where students develop their self-awareness and a voice about their lives, their interests, their beliefs, their ways of knowing, and themselves. The college counseling process exists to support, guide, and care for students in their personal journeys towards more authentic and ambitious post-secondary goals, authorship over their lives, and stronger, more resilient self-concept. We hope all graduates of dTHS move forward with a sense of purpose, growth mindset, and confidence in their next steps.


de Toledo High School’s academic curriculum prepares all of our students for higher education and our college counseling department helps each student find his or her unique path. Whether this path leads to a campus within the University of California or California State University systems, an Ivy League university, a small liberal arts college, an art or technical institute, a college in Israel, a two-year community college, or the military, each student is supported and advised throughout the journey.

The de Toledo High School College Counseling program:
  • Provides highly individualized counseling appropriate to each student’s interests, personality, and intellectual goals.
  • Provides families with extensive workshops and training led by college admissions and financial aid professionals.
  • The intimate nature of our school and our college counseling staff-student ratio makes it possible to provide colleges and universities a comprehensive view of each student.
  • Actively conveys the unique attributes of each student to college admissions officers.
  • Guides students through self-discovery exercises that are integral to the college search process.

Our respected professional college counseling staff is widely known, frequently holding leadership positions in professional organizations and receiving awards for contributions to the field. To stay current on trends in admissions and opportunities for our students, the college counseling team visits colleges and attends conferences every year. Our staff has relationships with college admission officers throughout the U.S. and dTHS hosts representatives from over 100 colleges and universities across the


Mike Truschke
Director of College Counseling
Dean of Academic Advisement

Kelly Hedgspeth
Associate Director of College Counseling
Associate Dean of Academic Advisement

Briana Barkin
Associate Director of College Counseling
Associate Dean of Academic Advisement

Located in the San Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles in Northern Los Angeles County. de Toledo High School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Builders of Jewish Education (BJE,) and financially supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation.