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de Toledo High School is a vibrant, academically rigorous school where intellectual imagination and ethical action are inseparable. We seek to shape students into collaborative leaders and respectful people of character who love to learn and explore the many facets of Jewish identity. Each student is valued for his or her individuality and all may strive for excellence—as scholars, athletes, artists, and A+ human beings.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • What if an application is submitted after the deadline?

    Tuition assistance applications received after the due date, will be reviewed in a subsequent rounds of Tuition Assistance consideration pending available funds.
  • What information is required for the TA application?

    The online application includes reporting income, expenses, and assets, along with two consecutive years of tax returns, and two recent, consecutive months of bank statements (checking, savings, investment accounts).
  • What are the important dates related to the tuition assistance process?

    • Early October 2023: Tuition assistance application Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) will be turned on
    • January 5, 2024: Due date for submitting online tuition assistance application to dTHS through Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST)
    • January 5, 2024 Due date for submitting 2021 and 2022 Tax Returns to FAST
    • April 15, 2024: Due date for submitting 2023 Tax Return to FAST
    • March 1, 2024: Notification of Tuition Assitance Award to families
    • March 15, 2024: Due date for Award acceptances to de Toledo High School
  • Does de Toledo High School award full tuition or merit-based scholarships?

    de Toledo High School is unable to award full tuition scholarships.
    de Toledo High School offers need-based tuition assistance only.
  • Is there an appeal process for awards granted?

    The Tuition Assistance Committee will reconsider an application only in the event of extreme changes in circumstances occurring since the application was submitted.
  • How do I/we submit a tuition assistance application?

    Tuition assistance applications must be completed and submitted online through Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST).  A processing fee is paid directly to FAST.
  • Is tuition assistance renewable each year?

    Families requesting tuition assistance must reapply each year. A complete review is conducted annually for returning families.
  • Are decisions regarding admission and tuition assistance related?

    Admissions and tuition assistance applications are processed separately to maintain strict confidentiality and integrity. Admissions decisions are made without regard for financial need.
  • Can I apply for Tuition Assistance before applying for admission to de Toledo High School?

    Tuition assistance (TA) applications are reviewed only after an admissions application has been received and processed.
  • What costs are eligible for tuition assistance?

    de Toledo High School provides tuition assistance for tuition fees only. All families are required to pay in full de Toledo High School supplemental and additional fees.
  • What if my tax returns are not completed by the due date?

    Your application will be processed on a provisional basis once your taxes are received by FAST. Your award will be finalized after FAST receives your 2023 returns and the TAC reviews them. The school reserves the right to re-evaluate and adjust your award based on final tax returns.
  • What if parents are divorced, separated, or never married?

    All parents have an obligation to contribute to their child’s education.  We cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed legally or otherwise any responsibility for educational expenses.  dTHS considers the assets of both parents in reviewing students for a tuition assistance award. Custodial and non-custodial parents are responsible for educational expenses and therefore both must participate in the aid request process by submitting their portion of the FAST application and tax information. Until both parents complete the process, the Tuition Assistance Committee cannot review the financial aid application. If either parent has remarried or is living with another adult who is contributing to the household income, the school will consider the assets of the step-parent or partner, always bearing in mind that the primary responsibility for payment rests with the natural parents.  Requests to not consider a missing parent need to be confirmed by a third party verification explaining the situation, i.e. by clergy, school administrator, or other individual with knowledge of the situation.
  • What are dTHS' expectations regarding a non-working parent?

    dTHS expects both parents to contribute financially to their child’s education. If a parent is not receiving a salary, the school will make a financial adjustment to the application to account for the income the parent might receive if she or he chose to work.  Since each application is reviewed individually, there may be a number of exceptions to this policy. Please supply as much information as you can on your application.
  • Can I expect my monthly payment to remain the same every year?

    Awards are based on the school’s base tuition. As tuition changes, monthly payments will change. In addition, supplemental fees vary from grade to grade.
  • What if I/we have additional questions about tuition assistance?

    Contact Debbie Abelson, Director of Enrollment Management, at or 818.449.3857.

Located in the San Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles in Northern Los Angeles County. de Toledo High School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Builders of Jewish Education (BJE,) and financially supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation.