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The de Toledo experience is as much about what happens outside the classroom as inside. By participating in groups and clubs, students connect with others by becoming activists for a cause, sharing a passion for music, raising awareness about the larger Jewish community or acting as an ambassador for our school. These experiences will extend far beyond their years at dTHS.

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  • A.C.O.H. (Acerácándos a la Comunidad Hispana)

    A.C.O.H. (Acercándonos a la Comunidad Hispana) - ACOH is a Spanish Culture outreach club dedicated to create awareness and appreciation of the diverse hispanic culture within our club and school, as well as connecting and supporting the hispanic community locally and globally. We plan on doing this by organizing fun cultural activities during our meetings, hosting school wide learning events, and organizing drives and fundraisers to help bring more equality in our community and world (Tikkun Olam).
  • American Politics

    American Politics strives to inform and engage students about events going on in America and around the world. The club aims to do this by engaging with current event topics by discussing, debating, bringing in guest speakers and experts, and examining each issue from all possible sides. The club creates an enjoyable, safe environment that’s open to all political views.
  • Art Club

    Art Club hopes to highlight the importance of and deep appreciation for art.  Club members are encouraged to discuss and create artwork with as much or little experience as they might have.
  • Asian Population Appreciation

    Club APA exists to embed a deeper awareness of Asian current events and culture, as well as admiring the cultural and intellectual contributions countries of Asia have made to the world.
  • Automotive Club

    The Automotive Club is a shop class substitute providing to students a broad knowledge of the automotive industry which includes car trends, engineering behind the wheel, and doing hands-on work restoring old car parts.
  • Beyond the Mind

    Beyond the Mind’s mission is to educate people on the causes and types of mental illnesses. By doing so, we hope there will be a better understanding of those with mental illness leading to less bullying and criticism. Our club hopes to educate others about mental illness, and show that there are no specific “stereotypes” involved.  We reinforce that each mental illness is different and unique to each person, that mental illness is not a person’s fault, and that mental illness shouldn't be something to be scared of.
  • Cancer Awareness

    Cancer Awareness Club works hand in hand with organizations and charities to help support those who have been affected by cancer. Cancer is a disease that has touched us all and it is our mission to educate our community of its prominence. We aspire to spread awareness inside and outside of our community, while showing our condolences to those who have endured its hardships.
  • Chess Club

    Chess Club aims to create a space where students can practice using intellectual warfare in order to destroy their opponents playing chess.  In the process, we will develop critical thinking skills and foster healthy competition, and have a great deal of fun.
  • Club H.O.P.E

    Club HOPE (Helping Our Planet Earth) is dedicated to bringing awareness and attention to global warming and climate change, while focusing on ways we can help the environment in our school and in the greater world.  We want to create ways for our school to be more helpful to the environment and make small changes that will have a positive long term effect.
  • Deaf Culture Club

    Deaf Culture Club seeks to educate the greater student body on the often overlooked deaf community by educating members about sign language and the unique culture the deaf community provides.  We plan to fundraise to donate supplies to Moulton Deaf School and organize visits to the school.
  • Develop Africa

    Our mission is to take action and spread awareness regarding poverty in Africa. We will help out the organization Develop Africa, whose mission is to empower lives in Africa by providing opportunities and supplies. We will have fundraisers and school supply drives to contribute to the organization.
  • E Club

    E-Club is about all things gaming, such as: video game culture, news, history, technology, and playing video games. We accept all gamers from novices that never picked up a controller in their life, to pro gamers that can play with the best. Our club’s goals  also include giving back to the community by hosting fundraising events that aim to bring the joy of gaming to those who might not otherwise get to.
  • FIDM Fashion Club

    The FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) Club is directed towards creative students of de Toledo who are interested in clothes and upcoming trends. Club meetings will include speaking of clothing trends, arts and crafts with clothes, and planning drives and fundraisers. Its goal is to provide a place where students who are interested in fashion, have somewhere to share their thoughts and to plan clothing drives events so students have the chance to give back.
  • Film Club

    Film Club is dedicated to exploring the history, craft, cultural impact, and magic of film.
  • Finance & Investment

    The Finance and Investment Club exists to educate our members about investing, managing a portfolio, as well as the ethics involved in the world of finance. A major goal of our club is to invest in companies that are aligned with our school and community values.
  • Girls Learn International

    “GLI” educates and energizes students in the global movement for gender equality, girls’ access to education, and basic human rights for all. GLI empowers students to act as advocates for tolerance, acceptance, and equality.  GLI hopes to build a movement of informed, thoughtful, and “fired-up” students, willing to act for what they believe in.
  • Israel Advocacy

    Israel Advocacy’s mission is to defend Israel in a manner that encourages lasting peace in the region.
  • Maker's Club

    Maker’s Club is dedicated to supporting and facilitating all viable projects in design and fabrication proposed by any student or faculty of de Toledo High School.  Makers’ Club provides opportunities for students and faculty of de Toledo High School to share knowledge about making and facilitate projects that benefit the community. We are working toward a future partnership with the Tikkun Olam Makers organization as a way of using our skills to benefit the world.
  • Music Appreciation

    Music Appreciation club wants to facilitate the exploration of musical studies in a comfortable, creative environment. We welcome all musicians and music lovers alike.  
  • Page Turners

    Our mission is to propagate a love of literature and poetry among students and to address the problem of illiteracy in the world.
  • PAW Club

    PAW (Promoting Animal Wellness) Club is dedicated to bringing awareness about animal cruelty and encourage our community to demonstrate care and support for animals that need homes. 
  • Photo Club

    Photo club is a place for anyone who wants their perspective as a student to be voiced and seen. Simultaneously, we develop professional skills that are transferable to the world of photography, graphic design and journalism. Memories will be created and frozen in time.
  • Rainbow Alliance

    By raising consciousness and awareness, Rainbow Alliance hopes to break the cycle of “othering” queer folks in our community.  The club hopes to create a safe space where people can share and learn from each other’s experiences.  Through trust and foundational work, we hope to build a strong and equal alliance among all members of the dTHS community.   
  • Russian Jewish Culture Club

    Our mission is to educate people on Russian Culture, discuss the practice of religion, religious oppression, and give back to those who are still being oppressed.
  • Sports & Culture

    Sports and Culture Club wants to bring together sports fans in our community to debate popular sports topics on a weekly basis.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors welcome prospective students, serve as hosts for visiting students, act as greeters at school events, and serve on student panels at Open House.
  • W.A.M. (Words and Actions Matter)

    W.A.M. hopes to further de Toledo’s mission to raise A+ human beings and wants to help ensure that students are A+ in every way by promoting how best to treat others appropriately.  W.A.M. aims to normalize the conversation about sexual harassment by building a culture of respect.
  • Youth Helping Youth

    As a club, we will emphasize the importance of helping our fellow young-adults who are in dire need of support.  We want to make sure that these children, who face too many adversities in their lives, are not forgotten - especially not by our school/community.

    We will focus on helping young adults who come from inner-cities, who experience extreme poverty, and also with different needs. This club will not only help those less fortunate young adults, but will also reinforce the core values of “gemilut chasadim” in our students. As a school, it is important that we follow “Beahavat Lereheja/ love your neighbor as myself” Our club will embody this idea. Our community’s youth reaching out to other youth.

Located in the San Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles in Northern Los Angeles County. de Toledo High School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Builders of Jewish Education (BJE,) and financially supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation.