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Make a difference in the world, while exploring your interests and making new friends.

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The de Toledo experience is as much about what happens outside the classroom as inside. By participating in groups and clubs, students connect with others by becoming activists for a cause, sharing a passion for music, raising awareness about the larger Jewish community or acting as an ambassador for our school. These experiences will extend far beyond their years at dTHS.

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  • A.C.O.H. (Acerácándos a la Comunidad Hispana)

    ACOH is a Hispanic outreach club dedicated to creating awareness of the Hispanic culture within our school, bringing understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture to our students, and connecting and supporting the Hispanic community in our city. The club plans to organize fund raisers, donate raised money to Hispanic organizations (Tikkun Olam), participate in club learning events and host school-wide learning events about Hispanic culture.
  • American Politics

    Created to inform and engage students about current events in America and around the world, the club discusses and debates current event topics, hosts guest speakers, views commentary, etc. We create an enjoyable, safe environment open to all political views.
  • Amnesty International

    The goal of Amnesty International is to engage people to fight injustice around the world and to protect human rights here in the US. We hope to raise and spread awareness of global injustice and add our voices in support of victims of injustice. Activities include writing letters of support to political prisoners, signing petitions, and debating topics of global concern.
  • Asian Population Appreciation

    APA exists to create a deeper awareness of Asian current events. The club also promotes an appreciation of Asian cultural and intellectual contributions to civilization.
  • C.A.K.E. (Creating a Kehillah of Equality)

    The purpose of our club is to promote equality within our community and beyond, to educate those around us about injustice and encourage active kindness. The club is intended to be a safe space for those of all races, genders, and religions, especially for those who would otherwise experience the absence of such a space.
  • Cancer Awareness

    Cancer Awareness Club works hand-in-hand with organizations and charities to help support those affected by cancer. A disease that has touched us all, it is our mission to educate our community, and those outside our community, about the impacts of cancer, while offering empathetic support to those who have endured its hardships.
  • Chess Club

    The Chess Club allows students to practice intellectual warfare in the game of chess. In the process, students develop strategic thinking and enjoy healthy competition.
  • Deaf Culture Club

    Deaf Culture Club seeks to edify the student body about the deaf community by educating members about sign language and the deaf community’s unique culture. Planned activities include raising funds to donate supplies to Moulton Deaf School, as well as visits to the school.
  • FIDM Fashion Club

    The FIDM fashion club is directed towards creative students who are interested in fashion design and merchandising. Students will share ideas about fashion trends and plan clothing drives and other fashion-oriented fund raising events that serve the broader community.
  • Film Club

    Film Club is dedicated to exploring the history, craft, cultural impact, and magic of film.
  • Girls Learn International

    “GLI” educates and energizes students in the global movement to improve girls’ access to education and ensure basic human rights for all. GLI empowers students to act as advocates for gender equality and hopes to build a cadre of informed, thoughtful, and “fired-up” students, willing to act on their belief in tolerance and acceptance.
  • Hand in Hand

    Our mission is to donate to different organizations that help those affected by poverty.
  • Israel Advocacy

    Israel Advocacy’s mission is to defend Israel in a manner that encourages lasting peace in the region.
  • Maker's Club

    Maker’s Club supports all viable design and fabrication projects proposed by the students and faculty of de Toledo High School. In addition to sharing knowledge about making and facilitating projects that benefit the community, the club is working toward a future partnership with the Tikkun Olam Makers as a way of using our skills to benefit the world.
  • Meditation Club

    By exploring and practicing the basics of meditation, Meditation Club helps students relax, slow down and connect spiritually using a variety of meditation techniques. The club also helps to bring the culture of meditation to our community.
  • Mental Health Awareness

    Our mission is to educate people on the causes and types of mental illness, promoting understanding and diminishing the fear and stigma that often surrounds mental illness. The club will raise awareness of the fact that mental illness is unique to the individual and not the fault of those who suffer its effects.
  • Music Appreciation

    To facilitate the exploration of musical studies in a comfortable environment.
  • Page Turners

    Our mission is to propagate a love of literature and poetry among students and to address the problem of illiteracy in the world.
  • Performing Arts Club: Set-The-Stage

    Set-the-Stage helps create awareness through the performing arts and raises funds for groups dedicated to promoting social, emotional, and physical health within theatre and performing arts communities across the U.S.
  • Russian Jewish Culture Club

    The club is designed to educate people on Russian Jewish Culture, through dialog and awareness activities. Members look at the role of religion and religious oppression in Russian Jewish Culture, as well as ways to help those who continue to be oppressed.
  • Save a Child's Heart

    Save a Child’s Heart raises money for children who suffer from heart conditions, donating to organizations that help pay for procedures, supplies, housing, and other necessities.

    Created to Spread Positivity And Reinforce Kindness, SPARK promotes positivity in how we view ourselves and our peers inside and outside of school, and highlights the effects that acts of kindness have on others. As a reminder of the benefits of kindness and optimism, SPARK members assume the task of portraying such characteristics daily, providing an example of how to live in a SPARK-y way.
  • Sports & Culture

    The Sports and Culture Club brings together sports fans in our community to discuss popular sports topics on a weekly basis.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors welcome prospective students, serve as hosts for visiting students, act as greeters at school events, and serve on student panels at Open House.
  • W.A.M. (Words and Actions Matter)

    W.A.M. is dedicated to helping dTHS students learn and practice how to treat others appropriately through words and actions. W.A.M. aims to normalize the conversation about topics like sexual harassment by building a culture of respect.
  • Yearbook Club

    Yearbook designs and produces our dTHS hardcover yearbook, highlighting the events of the school year. Students develop professional skills in photography, graphic design, and journalism.

Located in the San Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles in Northern Los Angeles County. de Toledo High School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Builders of Jewish Education (BJE,) and financially supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation.