Global Jewish Education

The Jewish People is global in more than just a geographic sense. The wide variety of settings in which Jews and Jewish communities exist are reflected in both our diversity and the ties that bind us. First hand experiences and collaborations with peers around the world are the most powerful ways for teenagers to explore these bonds, understand the differences, and ultimately themselves. As Jews, we possess the unique educational advantage that allows our students to gain exposure and a deep and direct understanding of a broader and interconnected world. de Toledo leads the high school world in the range, diversity and depth of our Global Jewish Education.

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Yoav Ben-Horin
Director, Global Jewish Education

Lior Sibony
Associate Director, Global Jewish Education


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  • Extended Israel Exchange Program (EIEP)

    The EIEP is a uniquely powerful year-long program that joins American and Israeli students in an experience that is not limited to boarding houses, hostels or dorms. It combines rigorous academics with uncommon independence and responsibility. We create a school within a school so that participants cover all their dTHS curriculum during their time in Israel. Tenth grade participants from de Toledo host Israeli peers from Ramat Gan for a month in the fall, and in turn live with their Israeli counterparts and their families for two and a half months in Israel in the spring.

    Our students experience life with Israeli teenagers, in America and in Israel, inside and outside of school. In between their respective visits, the students remain engaged in a collaborative project across the seas. The outcome of the year is a profound acquaintance with Israel beyond the standard tourism, long lasting personal bonds, and the kind of empowerment and personal growth that are not attainable in the standard setting of school and home.
    In partnership with
    Ohel Shem High School
  • Short Israel Exchange Program (SIEP)

    A two-three week exchange program in 10th grade with three partner high schools in Tel Aviv. The program focuses on Jewish identity in Israel and America, forging personal bonds with Israeli peers and with Israel itself.
    In partnership with
    Ironi Tet High School
    Ironi Alef High School
    Lady Davis High School
  • Budapest Exchange Program

    A two week exchange program in 12th grade focused on Jewish Peoplehood, its history and its revival in Central Europe today.
    In partnership with
    Lauder Javine High School
  • Uruguay Exchange Program (UrEP)

    A three week exchange program in the 11th grade exploring Jewish Peoplehood in the particular setting of South America.
    In partnership with
    Escuela Integral Jewish High School
  • MIFGASH: The Global Jewish Classroom

    de Toledo has initiated a global network of Jewish high schools to create global classrooms and other collaborative projects between Jewish students throughout the world. The first of these global classrooms was launched in 2018-2019 following a conference of senior Jewish educators from around the world, hosted by de Toledo. Additional collaborative projects in the Arts, Music, Literature, and Robotics started in 2020-2021. 
    Over the next few years, we aim to expand the network to include Jewish schools from Russia, France, Australia, and possibly Spain, Italy, and additional schools in Israel.
  • Spirulina Project

    This is a Tikkun Olam Science Academy project in the 9th-12th grades. The students learn the bio-technology of growing the superfood Spirulina and then join with Israeli peers to teach the process to Africans in Uganda.
    In partnership with
    Gymnasia Ivrit Herzilya HighSchool

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