Global Jewish Education

The Jewish People is global in more than just a geographic sense. The wide variety of settings in which Jews and Jewish communities exist are reflected in both our diversity and the ties that bind us. First hand experiences and collaborations with peers around the world are the most powerful ways for teenagers to explore these bonds, understand the differences, and ultimately themselves. As Jews, we possess the unique educational advantage that allows our students to gain exposure and a deep and direct understanding of a broader and interconnected world. de Toledo leads the high school world in the range, diversity and depth of our Global Jewish Education.

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Lior Sibony
Director, Global Jewish Education

Rafael Monkarsh
Associate Director, Global Jewish Education


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  • Extended Israel Exchange Program (EIEP)

    EIEP unites dTHS and Israeli students for a yearlong program that is unique in and to the Jewish world. Students from Ohel Shem join the dTHS community for 1.5 months in the fall, and our students travel to Israel for 2.5 months in the spring. From our yearlong EIEP Seminar course at dTHS, to the “school within a school” we create in Ramat Gan, this exchange program takes
    students on an intellectual journey alongside a physical one. While in Israel, our students immerse themselves in Israeli life and come away empowered with indelible friendships and personal growth.
    In partnership with
    Ohel Shem High School
    Ramat Gan, Israel
  • Short Israel Exchange Program (SIEP)

    Every year, students from our partner schools inTel Aviv are hosted by the dTHS community at families’ homes. Our students then travel to Israel in the spring, engaging in a week-long tour of the country before reuniting with their buddies in Tel Aviv for the remainder of the 2.5-week program. With this immersive exchange aspect comes an experience in Israel unique in our students’ lives.
    In partnership with
    Ironi Aleph High School
    Ironi Dalet High School
    Lady Davis High School
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Budapest Exchange Program

    Our 12th grade “BEPsters” host their Hungarian buddies before traveling themselves to Central Europe. Their time in Budapest, alongside adjunct travel to Vienna, Austria, and Prague, enables our students to connect with a part of Ashkenazi Jewish history and culture in areas often seen as Jewish centers of “the past,” but are in fact vibrant and thriving today. This investigation of diaspora communities other than our own results in a profoundly broader understanding of what Jewish communities can and do look like.
    In partnership with
    Lauder Javne Jewish School
    Budapest, Hungary
  • Turkey Exchange Program

    de Toledo welcomed, for the first time, a delegation from Istanbul to Los Angeles in April of 2023. We are thrilled to expand our longstanding relationship with Ulus to a full exchange for 2024. Visiting Istanbul and connecting with families there gives our students the opportunity to learn from and about the Sephardic Jewish community and to learn about the resilient and thriving Jewish community of Turkey.

    In partnership with
    Ulus Jewish School
    Istanbul, Turkey
  • International Book Club

    In partnership with the dTHS English Department, our 9th grade students connect with their peers at Tarbut Jewish School in Mexico City for a Zoom-powered book club. In doing so, they transcend international borders to learn from each other, exchange information and experiences, and collaborate on joint writing assignments and projects.

    In partnership with
    Colegio Hebreo Tarbut
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • MIFGASH: The Global Jewish Classroom

    In 2019, de Toledo initiated a global network of Jewish schools at the high school level, creating virtual courses, projects, discussions, and artistic collaborations between Jewish students across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many of our exchange partners have been involved in these projects, such as Ulus in Istanbul, Ohel Shem in Ramat Gan, Tarbut in Mexico, and Lauder Javne in Budapest.
  • Uruguay Exchange Program (UrEP)

    As part of our UrEP, participants are hosted by their buddies in Montevideo, attend talks given by Escuela Integral history and Judaic Studies teachers, visit their buddies’ Zionist Jewish youth groups, and meet with diplomats in order to contextualize the Jewish community that has one of the highest rates of Aliyah to Israel in the world. Following the hosting period in Montevideo, the UrEP experience includes visits to Buenos Aires, Argentina and the stunning Iguazu Falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina.
    In partnership with
    Escuela Integral Jewish School
    Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Robotics Mentorship & Collaborations

    In collaboration with ORT International and Kadima Mada, de Toledo’s Global Robotics Mentorship Program gives our Robotics students the opportunity to learn from a graduate team leader of the award-winning RoboActive team of Zinman Darka High School. Our 10th grade Robotics students who are on SIEP then visit Dimona as both teams are preparing for regional, national, and international competitions.

    In partnership with
    Zinman Darka High School
    Dimona, Israel
  • Spirulina Project

    In a collaboration with the dTHS Science Department, participating students engage in lab trials and research focused on the superfood spirulina, a revolutionary way to combat food insecurity. Every other year, de Toledo travels to Eastern Uganda to help the Abayudaya Jewish community to become more food secure by cultivating spirulina.
    In partnership with
    Abayudaya Jewish Community
    Mbale, Uganda, Africa

Located in the San Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles in Northern Los Angeles County. de Toledo High School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Builders of Jewish Education (BJE,) and financially supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation.