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Uruguayan and Hungarian Students Enliven dTHS Community

This past week on the dTHS campus has been especially inspiring, as we’ve been hosting both our Hungarian Budapest Exchange Program (BEP) students from the Lauder Javne School and our Uruguay Exchange Program (UrEP) from Escuela Integral in Montevideo simultaneously.

The energy and spirit our guests from abroad have brought is something everyone has noticed… and hearing so much Spanish and Hungarian spoken on campus has been quite exciting as well!

One moment which really stood out this past week on campus occurred when BEP and UrEP students joined dTHS students in our award-winning Speech & Debate program and debated one another on issues concerning Israel and antisemitism. The real point of the exercise was to provide all the participants an opportunity to work together, learn from one another, and be exposed to diverse cultural perspectives. Overall, the experience was incredibly educational and a perfect microcosm of what de Toledo’s one-of-a-kind Global Jewish Education Program is all about!

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